This year I did my first New Year’s resolution ever, and that was to make an effort to consume more media by Women, PoC, and other folks who don’t get to present their art as easily as others can. I’m happy that so far I have been successful especially with the books I have read this year (for every book by a mainstream white male author that I read, I also read one by a PoC/Woman/Queer/etc). What this made me realize is that there is tremendous amount of diversity out there that is amazing in itself.

It also made me realize that I don’t need to consume media that does not accurately represent the world as it is today. Why? Because Sci-fi is amazing. Sci-fi takes me to unimaginable places, and allows me to expand my imagination by going to such great lengths. Yet, I don’t understand when some artists create sci-fi that is only white. Why go to great lengths to imagine new future possibilities, and make them centered about the experience of a people with a particular skin color? I know most of these choices are under the level of awareness of overt racial discrimination, but that does not mean they were done outside of the realm of racial politics. And it’s not wrong or bad in itself, but when this is what you see all the time, it gets a bit frustrating for non-white folk when all they see in the movies is just that.

Where does that leave me? Are people with my skin tone not imagined in the future? Are we going to be extinct?
I’d rather not consume them then…