A resolution for 2016: Self-Care

These past two years I have made two resolutions: in 2014 I wanted to read more people of color (PoC), and in 2015 I wanted to  read books exclusively written by people of color (or non-white). Those resolutions led me to a great journey as well as serving as relief  given the grim everyday life we PoC face. These authors gave me a way out, and often I saw myself in their stories
As such, 2016 is my year for self-care. The news are grim: my brothers and sisters are dying everyday as victims of institutionalized violence perpetrated by the American police.

Thus self-care. Here is my first try towards this goal. Music is everything to me, so I wanted to share my first playlist that is helping me in not losing myself these days. 
The playlists are here in Apple Music format and Spotify. Enjoy!
Ease on Down the Road on Apple Music

Ease on Down the Road on Spotify

2 thoughts on “A resolution for 2016: Self-Care

  1. Hi, David. Do you have a blog post or a list (like Goodreads) where I can see your ratings of the reading list? Thanks!


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